From Base to Ceiling: Plinths & Rosettes, Skirtings’ Stylish Cousins

In the vast universe of interior design, we often find ourselves lost in the grand gestures. Dramatic wall colours, statement furniture, and even those ever-familiar skirtings often grab the limelight. But hey, why not let the spotlight shine on some of the unsung heroes? Let’s raise a toast to the subtle charm of plinths and rosettes!

For the unacquainted, plinths serve as the base, often seen elevating statues or furniture pieces, lending them prominence and grace. They act like a stage, allowing what stands atop them to truly shine. In interior spaces, plinths can be strategically used to give an elevated touch (pun intended!) to specific furniture pieces or artifacts, turning them from mere objects to showstoppers.

On the other side of the spectrum, and quite literally on the ceiling, are rosettes. Originating from the artistic flourishes of classical architecture, rosettes are ornamental designs that add a touch of luxury and intricacy. Often found gracing the spaces around light fixtures or chandeliers, these decorative elements transform the mundane into the magnificent.

But, these design marvels aren’t restricted to traditional or classical themes. Oh no, the modern design lexicon has embraced them with open arms. Picture a minimalist room with a sleek plinth showcasing a vibrant art piece or a monochromatic space punctuated by a metallic rosette on the ceiling. Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

What’s even more intriguing is the DIY potential these elements bring to the table. A crafty weekend, some paint, and a dash of creativity, and you’ve got yourself custom plinths and rosettes, tailored to your taste and theme.

For the environmentally conscious, rejoice! The design world has seen an emergence of sustainable materials being used to craft plinths and rosettes. Not only do they elevate your space aesthetically, but they also keep your environmental footprint in check.